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Hello!!Thanks for coming here :)This quiz will show you what marauders era character are you.btw sorry for spelling mistakes english is not my first launguage. And this is my first quiz btw.Soo basically i am going to ask you questions and you need to answer them honestly. At the end you will get you results :) Created by: Enna

[center][size=7][b]Wizarding World[/b][/size][/center] Hogsmeade. Ministry of Magic
This article deals with characters from the Cosmic Era Legacy timeline of the anime Gundam metaseries. The codes after the name specify in which series/manga the character actually appeared: [GSL] - Gundam SEED Legacy See the characters' individual pages, where available, for detailed information. Key Members: Martin DaCosta (30) - Head of Intelligence Edmund Low Siao Shi (25) - Resident tech ...
    1. X-Men: Marvel Teases an 'Exciting New Era' for Storm in May. The cover for Marauders #20 promises an "exciting new era" for fan-favorite mutant Storm -- as well as a throwback to one of her classic looks. One of the X-Men's most popular characters will see an "exciting new horizon" when Marauders #20 goes on sale in May.
    2. Fan Casting The Marauders Era by JK Rowling. Story added by delinquentprincess on January 27, 2021. fan cast for the marauders era of harry potter read more. read synopsis. #harrypotter #themarauders. back to story. Synopsis. fan cast for the marauders era of harry potter. Join the Conversation.
    3. Slytherin. Meh. Despite her parents' murder two years earlier, Hermione managed to find happiness. Love Bite and So Do I (The Marauders Era meets Blade) by BlackLabradorGirl reviews. These four were the creators of the Marauders Map and were known for getting into trouble together. SOMEONE MADE A QUIZ ABOUT US, THE MARAUDERS!! Blue by MaraudersEra21. Nov 20, 2014 - Fashion in books is ...
    4. Which Marauder Would You Date? Find out if you're meant to be with Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, or Prongs! In case this isn't obvious enough, it's for girls only. Created by MiriamtheGeek On Mar 29, 2017 You walk into an unused classroom to find Wormtail, who tries to snog you. What do you do?
    5. A mature, character-driven post-war Marauders era AU. The year is 1985, the war is declared over, and wizarding Britain begins to clean up and return to normalcy. But the end is just a beginning, and with a recent Azkaban break-out on their hands, the...
    6. Kingsley Shacklebolt. Ravenclaw. He is a pure-bloodwizard in the employment of the Ministry of Magic. He worked for the Ministry as an Auror, but joined the reconstituted Order of the Phoenix in 1995 after being convinced of the return of Lord Voldemort. After the war he became the Minister of Magic.
    7. mxrsmxrdrerpg. decadcnce: could i get fc recommendations for remus please? Hello, Yes of course! I would suggest Luke Newberry, Jamie Bell, maxence danet-fauvel or possibly Finn Whitehead! <3. 26 Jul 21. 1 N original post. # hp roleplay # hp rpg # harry potter rpg # marauders era rpg # appless rpg. Hello there tag lurkers!
    8. The Potters, the Blacks, the Malfoys, the Snapes... and of course, everyone's favourite Marauders! Discover new/old Harry Potter Past stories or submit your own (PM the founder with a link to the story). But be warned, we only accept top-quality literature! Preference given to canon fics (non-AU, non-OC, etc.) rated T and under.
    9. Marauders Era Characters . unknown 07/30/17 . 9. 19. If you're already a character on the other amino, please say so! I'll give you it back! Don't worry childrennnnnn. Year One. Their are no canons in year one. Year Two. Their are no canons in year two. Year Three. Their are no canons in year three.
    marauders era . sirius . remus . regulus . Send me 3 characters and i'll answer with whether i want fake date, slow burn or enemies to lovers with them. Slow burn - Remus . Fake date - Sirius . Enemies to lovers - Regulus . asks 3 people marauders. 8 notes. Open in app;
Throughout the course of the Harry Potter series, a lot of characters died (obviously).Unfortunately, many of them died trying to protect the titular character and his friends from certain doom under Lord Voldemort.While the Marauders were all tied together by their time as friends and roommates at Hogwarts, they also shared another, most certainly unplanned, connection.

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marauders marauders era mischief managed i solemnly swear that I'm up to no good marauders polaroid marauders polaroids marauders photo maraudersphotos marauders photograph marauders photographs polaroid polaroids photo photos ... Should I start making my polaroids with different handwritings for different characters? 26 notes Sep 3rd, 2021 ...

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